Alas the rodent urchins of the web have been pummeling Hippie Hosting in a relentless DDOS attack, ending a long problem-less spree since Tim moved the server in the beginning of the year. It’s also taken down ds106. The hippies are slumbering

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And pity poor Tim who is supposed to be on vacation at the beach as he scrambles to find a fix in a low bandwidth zone (though his abs are looking good here):

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What to do? I am left to using this blog cause a dog has to blog

And if when rises, this post will syndicate itself in.


Where the Sasquatch Dancing Man Got His Moves

If you have not seen the 2009 video at the Sasquatch concert where one dude got a whole crowd going:

What the handheld video left out was a just before he started gyrating, he was got his moves from the Bava


This is a few days late for the ds106 Month of GIF mania suggested as a prelude to the headless ds106 course starting on the 26th. This is totally not required, you will get plenty of chance to be GIFfing in the first two weeks of class.

This is a ds106 assignment, Dancing JIM All Around the World:

Take the template gif of Jim Groom dancing and add a background and foreground, to make him dance in an interesting place.

Ti make this, I used my pwnYouTube bookmarlet to download the YouTibe video clip. I then brought this into PhotoShop CS5.5 with File – Import -Video Frames to Layers… one small trick is to before I do this, I changed the video’s extension from .mp4 to .mov so PhotoShop would allow me to import it. I selected just a portion of the clip that had the dude dancing alone on te green grass, to give some background to work with, and grabbed every 8 frames.

This put the dancing man in an animation, open the animation window. I tossed a few frames not needed and dropped it to nine frames. I then opened in PhotoShop the Dancing Jim GIF John Johnstone created. It’s a lot bigger then I needed, so I cropped it and then resized Jim to be about 500px wide. In the animation palette of the dancing Jim gif, i select all frames, then use “Copy Frames” from the little menu in the top right of the Animation pallete.

In the dancing man one, I go to the last frame, and used the same animation palette to paste frames (after current frame). This is merely to get the layers in the file, I then delete these animation frames.

Going from frame 1 to 9 of the dancing one, I selectively make visible one Jim at a time, and if those layers are on top, he is dancing over the other guy.

My next idea was to get rid of the dancing guy, so in each frame of the original video, I clone brushed him out of the scene. O then positioned Jim’s GIF to be over the head of the man in front. For each frame, I made a selection around the people, and subtracted it from Jim’s frame, to make hime appear to behind the crowd.

Lastly, I went to one unused layer of the dancing guy where he was standing, and just copied him, and then pasted him in a layer above the animation ones but below Jim’s.

This is whey I live using Photoshop because of the control I have in layers. I could probably figure it out in GIMP, but,,,, well I like my way.

FYI, I am posting my GIF here since my blog has been under some DOS attacks lately and I cannot even get to my login. Sign. The open web makes me feel less like dancing. Thankfully we have GIFs..

The Future of Learning is Syndicated (fol2013)

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It is not going down the drains, and despite outcries of technologies being dead, syndication based ones are at the heart of what makes the web works. An understanding of how distributed web-based publishing sources can reconfigure and aggregate information in constructive ways is the lesson at hand.

The future of learning conference shall be syndicated. And this dog is going to see that it happens.

Okay, this looks and acts and is a blog post, and is the first test of a syndication based conference web site. This one will rely on the use of tags/keywords in posts or post titles- we will accept either hgsepzfol or fol2013 as keywords in a blog post to syndicate into the new site at a blog hub

Continuity Problems Can GIF in Your Way

Note: This should be moved over to when the hippies hosting it turn the lights on)

My latest video watching was Clint Eastwood’s western Hang “em High (1968), his first non spaghetti one. The story of the honest guy done wrong, his quest for revenge, is also played out on the balance of power and justice in the opening of the Oklahoma territory, as well as the seemingly public interest in displayes of punishment.

Plus you have Alan Hale Jr as a bad guy (Oh Skipper), Bruce Dern as well (who you expect in that role), and even Dennis Hopper in a minor role.

I am watching movies now for GIFfable moments, and have several lined up. But it was my reading of the numerous continuity errors that i started looking at that title sequence for the white car in the background. I did finally spot it, wow, it could not be more than a few pixels, but with a bit more analysis and image processing, there are quite a few more problems that seemed to have slipped into the print.


I would think a big production would be a bit more careful.

I will slip this into the ds106 GIFfest as a Goof GIF, an assignment added by Emily Strong.

I’ve got some more scenes to do!

The opening animation sequence would be fun to do as well, see the trailer:

PS You can catch the entire movie in 10 minute clip segments on the YouTube, pretty good quality too.

Cat? A ds106 Recycled Media Assignment

Arggh, since my hippie hosted main blog is down for the count tonight, I shall hang my blog post here. In prepping the work for next week’s ds106 section on Remix, I needed/wanted to do one of the assignments we just added- Recycle the Media in which we are charged with making a mashup from the content that students shared a few weeks back- their left over, unused bits of media from previous assignments. We loaded over 150 of these to a site on to make available for download and mixing up.

So without much more ado, my story about a cat:

This story was driven by the primarily the “flames and woman’s scream sound” which lef me to the grill one, and from there, well. this.

So we have a cat who is missing. Dad just tries to say “it’s ok” (he does not care about the cat). The little kid passes the blame. And now there is meat sizzling on the barbecue (insert wilhlem scream). What about that cat? Where is it?

The media used included:

I replicated the short “Ahh” sounds 3 times by option click dragging the audio track. I also copied and pasted 3 more times the short Shining Clip. From there it was a matter of overlaying some titles

This was a second edit, I added a bit more because the first one was a tad morbid.

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