Can I Haz Embedded Giphy GIFS

CogDog says I can. But WTF does he know?

Okay, let’s try. I find a GIF on giphy.

I put it’s web address as plain text on a blank like


Sarah Jessica Parker Hbo GIF by Divorce - Find & Share on GIPHY


The visual editor does not show me a preview like other embedded media, but the Preview buttons shows me the GIF. Oh wait, it does when I press RETURN after the URL.


Viceland GIF by MOST EXPENSIVEST - Find & Share on GIPHY

This could be TROUBLE


Trouble GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Story Of Our Lives GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The other way to put GIFs into my blog is to upload it as an image, but as some guy explains below, be sure to use the Full Size option in the media box.


Here is one I am uploading. I like catz.


I Love The West


First of all there’s the hats.

Then it’s sitting around with a buddy talking about photos.

And then heck, we might just go riding off into the sunset.

I can’t wait for western106.

Mum is the Word

We do not say the “M” word. We do not say the “M” word. We do not say the “M” word. We do not say the “M” word. We do not say the “M” word. We do not say the “M” word. We do not say the “M” word. We do not say the “M” word. We do not say the “M” word.

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

“Did you say something?”



Ignore this silliness, testing some syndication mojo

Hey! It’s ds106 Radio’s 3rd Birthday, Come Celebrate

(publishing here cause the cogdogblog seems wobbly)

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

Can You Dig It? (the original call sign)

January 23 marks the day in 2011 when a blog post from Grant Potter announced ds106 Radio. I hope people who have been part of the community before, or just have been a listener, or just want to be near something cool, spend some time tomorrow celebrating this birthday. I’m not going to be explaining all about our internet based free form wide open manager-less radio station — see

I made the image above as one of the pre-cursor bits, today’s Daily Create was to make a birthday card.. I will tip the hat that tomorrow’s is to post an audio birthday greeting to SoundCloud.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Andrew Forgrave

There are not choreographed organized plans tomorrow, it’s just another day at the station. I did change the programming to be all day, from midnight PST (3 hours form now) to play for 24 hours a random mix of archival ds106 related content… I am way over due on writing up how to do this since we made some changes (another post “coming soon”) (I’ve written that before).

But let’s not rely on the pre-programmed stuff. If you are equipped to do live broadcasts, please step in sometime tomorrow (the PROTOCOL is to put out a stream request to twitter with the #ds106radio hash tag, or just try and grab the mic). Share your favorite memory, or just do something like Bryan Jackson and Leslie Lindalle have already done this evening, sing some songs. Tell some jokes. Perform a scene from a movie. Or just talk.

flickr photo shared by Cris Crissman

All of the best stuff of ds106 radio is the live stuff.

If you want to try broadcasting, we have all the info and coordinates you need at

Or just tune in and listen- via

Or tweet a birthday message to #ds106radio and say what you love about it.

Or help clean up that open radio document.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by David Kernohan

More on the radio station and hopefully some updates (revive the twitterbot??)…. soon.

But if you have had any experience, encounter, exposure to ds106 radio in the last 3 years, please give it some love back tomorrow.

At least tune in —

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